Key Stage 3 Electronics

At Key Stage 3 students will experience working with soldering irons to produce 2 working products. They will be expected to solder a range of small components developing their understanding of circuits and how to use electrical tools safely.

Overview of Electronics at KS3


Key Stage 4 Electronics

At Key Stage 4 GCSE Electronics consists of an Exam and a Controlled Assessment Task. The exam is 40% of the final GCSE grade and the Controlled Assessment 60%.

The Controlled Assessment is chosen from a range of projects set by the Exam Board some examples are: Alarms, Simple Electronic Games, Music based projects such as Amplifiers and Docking Stations, and Counting projects. The task involves Designing and Making an Electronic Product and is set over 45Hrs. The written portfolio is typically 35 – 40 pages..

The theoretical work involves investigating circuits using circuit simulation and prototyping and learning about designing products for the modern world.

The course is a Full GCSE (L2) with grades G- A*.
The exam board is AQA course code AQA Electronic Products 4542
The content of course is composed of Theory and Practical; the theory contents is 70% of the course and the practical content is 30% of the course.

Year 1

During Year 1 you will study the basic circuits that are combined together to form most of the Electronic products used today:

  • Latch circuits
  • Transistor Switch and Sensing
  • Monostable timers.
  • Astable circuits
  • Counter
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Logic Circuits
  • Programmable Integrated Circuits (PIC)

Year 2

During Year 2 you will be Designing and Making Electronic Products. You will also be undertaking your Controlled Assessment. This will be a project chosen from an Exam Board list of areas. Electronic games, Music, and Security Systems are some examples of the areas, you have 45 hours to complete this project. The remainder of the year will focus on theory revision and preparation for exam.

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