The Department of History has two main aims. Firstly, it seeks to promote an interest in the past. Students are introduced to various types of history – social, political, cultural etc. – and explore these through a variety of chronological, national, and global contexts. In so doing, the Department strives to create a stimulating environment with which to engage students of all abilities.

Skills Being Developed

Historical enquiry, organisation and communication of historical information. Understanding the nature of historical evidence. Interpretations of history. Students are encouraged. Develop their range of historical skills and understanding.

Key Stage 3

Whilst studying Key Stage 3 History students have one lesson a week in Year 7 and two lessons a week in Year 8. The exciting new course covers three themes in both years: Empire and Endless Suffering, Protest and the People and Death, Disease and Dragons Den in Year7 – Followed by Bullets, Bombs and the Blitz, Space, Spies and lies, Revolution and Rock n Roll in Year 8. In Year 7 the themes cover the, the American West and the British Empire, Slavery much more! In Year 8 the themes move into the 20th century covering, Stinking Sheffield and Jack the Ripper, World War I, World War II, the Holocaust and the development of British society including the 1960s.

Key Stage 4

Modern World GCSE History – Edexcel History
This full GCSE course is made up of 4 separate units:

  • International Relations – Exam
  • Britain 1931 – 51 – Exam
  • USA 1919 – 41 – Exam
  • Vietnam War – Controlled Assessment

The Modern World course allows students to analyse events that have led to the creation of the world we live in today. The USA unit, worth 25% of the GCSE and assessed through an exam, examines the boom and bust of America during the 1920s and 1930s, examining who benefitted and who did not from this period in American history. The International Relations unit, worth 25% of the GCSE and assessed through an exam, looks at the relationship between the USA and the USSR during the cold war, examining the tension between the two countries and how this develops through time. The Britain element, worth 25% of the GCSE and assessed through an exam, examines changes in Britain in the lead up to and during the Second World War, focusing on key source skills within History. Finally, the controlled assessment element, worth 25%, examines the Vietnam war, including reasons for involvement, tactics and the growth of the protest movement.

Overview of the Year for History at Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 we aim to provide an overview of a number of key historical events, people and changes, each six week unit of work is based on a particular topic and is centred on a crucial historical skill.

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Mrs J Tucker.


Overview of the Year for History at Key Stage 4

In the History department we follow the Edexcel History A GCSE: Modern World History (Year 11) and the Edexcel GCSE History (Year 9 and 10). Through our planning, teaching, assessment and marking, teachers of History aim to develop students’ ability to recall, select and use historical knowledge, understand historical terms and concepts, communicate information in a clear and coherent manner; both verbally and in written form, interpret and evaluate a wide range of sources, respect individuals beliefs and different cultures, make reasoned and balanced judgements, reflect on their own learning and finally to understand their role as a global citizen.


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Miss Ella Higson

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Mrs Janet Tucker

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