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Media studies offers an extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice including:

  • Practical work which integrates theories and concepts
  • A choice of assignments for production and pre-production
  • The chance to study across a range of different media
  • Opportunities to learn about real media products and industries
  • Opportunities for progression, especially to GCE Media Studies



Key Stage 4


Unit 1 Investigating the Media 40%

This takes the form of a 1 hour and 30 minute externally assessed exam paper based around a pre-released topic or genre. The topic changes annually; previous topics have included TV Crime Drama, Action Adventure Films or Reality Television. Learners will look in depth at specific examples within the genre and will be asked to present their own ideas for a production based on media brief released prior to the exam. The 2016 exam topic is science fiction films.

Unit 2 Understanding the Media 60%

This takes the form of three controlled assessment assignments which require students to be able to analyse media texts, plan and create media texts and evaluate their own production work.

Assignment 1

This assignment aims to introduce candidates to the analysis and interpretation of media texts through the analysis of media language and the application of media terminology and techniques. Learners will study opening sequences of films and write an analysis of how media codes and conventions communicate meaning to the audience. In addition to this they will create a story board for their own opening sequence linked to a specific genre.

Assignment 2

This assignment is a cross media study focussing on advertising and promotion of a specific product.

Assignment 3

This is a practical production. Learners will plan and create a trailer for a crime drama using I-movie. They will evaluate their work applying key media concepts to explain their creative decisions.

Media Studies is assessed in the following way:


If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact: Mrs A McQueen, Head of Department, at a.mcqueen@shafton.outwood.com