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The staff within the Science department at Shafton, are passionate about making Science education accessible and exciting to all of our students and their families.

The Science department at Shafton has 9 teachers and 2 technicians. The department is based on Level 3 and spread across modern and fully resourced teaching laboratories and demonstration classrooms.

In Key Stage 3 we follow a scheme of learning which prepares our students with the knowledge and understanding they need for the various GCSE courses we run, embedding investigative skills throughout the topics.

In Years 9 and 10 students will learn the content required for the GCSE course, topics include areas such as Cells, Atomic structure, Forces and motion.

In Year 11 students will follow 1 of 2 different pathways. Students can either follow the Core and Additional Science pathway which comprises of 2 separate GCSE’s in Science or alternatively students can study separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

How can you support your child in science?


Thursday: Year 11 GCSE science enrichment.

Science Club (every Monday)

BBC Bitesize for KS3; this website has everything KS3 students need to help them prepare for Praising Stars Assessments. Revision Bites and Test Bites have been designed to help them check what you know and understand.

Overview of Science at Key Stage 3


Overview of Science at KS4


Meet the Team


Miss Charlotte Grace

Teacher of Science c.grace@shafton.outwood.com

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Miss Michelle Marriot

Teacher of Science m.marriot@shafton.outwood.com

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Miss Rachel Hackney-Ware

Teacher of Science r.HackneyWare@shafton.outwood.com

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Miss Shaida Parveen

Teacher of Science s.parveen@shafton.outwood.com

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Miss Umbreen Kosir

Teacher of Science u.kosir@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Amanda Kennett

Science Technician a.kennett@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Gill Burgin

Teacher of Science g.burgin@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Jo Barker

Teacher of Science j.barker@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Kathryn Senior

Teacher of Science k.senior@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Leanne Jennison

Head of Science l.jennison@shafton.outwood.com

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Mrs Vicky Barton

Senior Science Technician v.barton@shafton.outwood.com

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