Welcome to Art

The Art department plays a vibrant and vital role in the life of the school. Our aim is to provide a high-quality art and design curriculum that will engage, inspire and challenge students. Students are encouraged to achieve high standards, be adventurous and experiment with a range of media and techniques to develop their knowledge and skills to create their own works of Art.



Overview of Art at Key Stage 3


Key Stage 3
There are three units of work in each year with a focus on the development of skills in drawing, colour and 3D Design. These are delivered one unit per term in weekly one hour lessons.

Year 7: Nature (drawing). Still Life (colour), Gargoyles (3D design)
Year 8: Pop Art (drawing), Cubism (colour), Identity (3D design)

The Praising Stars cycle allows work to be marked and standardised thoroughly and consistently throughout the Key Stage. Advice and guidance is given in Year 8 to enable students to make appropriate option choices.

Overview of Art at Key Stage 4


Key Stage 4

The KS4 curriculum follows the AQA Art and Design syllabus. This course enables students to produce a Portfolio of work and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Art. There are two units of work in each year which are delivered from a given starting point. Students learn about the principles of Art, research Artists, crafts and designers and develop their own ideas to produce an informed personal response.

The curriculum is divided into coursework (Unit 1) which is 60% of the grade and the externally set task (Unit 2) which is 40% of the grade. The syllabus consists of 4 assessment objectives which are used to monitor and assess progress and achievement.

Year 9: Natural forms and Journey
Year 10: Traditions/Cultures and the Externally Set Task

Sketchbooks form an essential part of the course and showcase the student’s independent learning journey, experiences and creative development. Personalised guided tuition is a key factor to ensuring student achievement and success as they progress.

We encourage and develop discussion and evaluation of student’s own work and that of others, and to share their ideas and opinions.

Possible Next steps
Key Stage 5 and career opportunities

GCE Art & Design/ BTEC Diplomas offer an excellent platform for progression into higher education.
People with creative skills are highly valued in the world of work and there are many potential career opportunities. Art related careers include: creative advertising; media and commercial advertising, comic and story book illustration, freelance editorial illustration, interior design, commercial editor, film director, theatre set/prop design, product design, make-up artist, creative costume design, fashion/textile design, fine artist, commercial/freelance artist/photographer, graphic design, architecture, animation/games designer, sign-writing, teacher/lecturer, web based design and many more.