Careers Information

Your Careers Lead at Outwood Academy Shafton

Miss Marriott

For any questions or advice, please feel free to contact me

Or during school, my classroom is 3-9.

If you need to reach me by phone, please call 01226 717730, where I will endeavour to take your call, or please leave a message with our reception team, who will pass it on to me.

More info:

As Associate Assistant Principal, Miss Marriott works within Deep Experience. As the main part of her role she is in charge of allocating the HeppSY funding available for the academy, she is also the careers lead for the academy. Miss Marriott began her teaching career at Outwood Academy Shafton in 2014 as part of the Science Department. She joined the Deeps in 2016 as developing leader Deep Learning and then progressed to aspiring leader in 2017.

As part of the new HeppSY role within the academy, Miss Marriott is looking at increasing the number of our students progressing onto further and higher education. This is a very exciting opportunity which will hopefully ensure that our students can reach their full potential.


Our Careers Advisers

Gemma and Karen work for Careers Inc, they give advice to all students no matter what year they are in during the days they are in. They can be found near main reception, in the “Careers Café” area. If you have any questions you would like to ask them, the best time to see them is during your break time, or your lunch break if you are a student.

The Careers Portal contains careers links for students and teachers, enabling access to Post 16 options.

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