Welcome to Graphic Products

Students will have the opportunity to design and make products suitable for a target market using a range of different skills including Photoshop, vacuum former and laminator.



Key Stage 3

The Graphic Products course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the Graphic Products course in Key Stage 4.


Students will follow a rotational timetable of Graphic Products, Food Technology, Resistant materials and Electronic Products. If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: D.Wragg@shafton.outwood.com

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art and Design Graphic Communication

Students are encouraged to learn through the use Photoshop and freehand to develop and design graphic media. The students present their work in a portfolio which showcases their design ideas and photographic evidence of their making.


Unit 1 – Portfolio of work 60%.
Unit 2 – Externally assessed task (10 hours, unlimited preparation time) 40%


If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact: D.Wragg@shafton.outwood.com

Enrichment Opportunities

Please see the current Academy Enrichment Programme for details of enrichment opportunities in this subject area.