Mental Health Support


Mental well-being describes your mental state – how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life. Your mental well-being is dynamic as it can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month or year to year.

We all have times when we have low mental well-being, where we feel stressed, upset or find it difficult to cope.

You are going to have good and bad days. You are going to have lessons that you are thriving in and some that you will find a real struggle. You will have days when you just want to be alone, when friends may upset you or let you down.

It is common to feel a mix of emotion during your school years. You are developing, learning and discovering who you are so go easy on yourself, take good care of both your physical and mental well-being and remember to talk to somebody if you need to.

Where to go for support in the Academy?

  • Learning Managers
  • Your VMG Tutor
  • Your classroom teachers
  • Any member of staff that you feel comfortable with

At Outwood Academy Shafton we want to give our young people the necessary support to build and develop emotional resilience and to maintain good emotional health.

The aim of our work in our academy is to ensure that our students enjoy their time at school and are happy. There are many things that can impact on the emotional well-being of children; keeping up with studies, falling out with friends, and the pressures of social media. We want all of our young people to have good emotional health, the skills and confidence to cope with change, the ability to think through and solve problems and ultimately achieve their goals and be happy.

Our academy is committed to the principles of securing good emotional well being, to allow every young person to have the best possible experience and outcomes throughout their school journey.

Young Minds is a great resource for students and families; for more information and support check out Young Minds

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