Staff CPD

At Outwood Academy Shafton we are committed to ensuring that we provide outstanding teaching and learning to all students. CPD for staff is a high priority in order to recruit and retain outstanding staff. CPD is linked directly to the school development plan and performance management targets. Staff at all stages of their career are able to access high quality CPD which has a positive impact on the outcomes of the young people that we teach.

Student Teachers: ITT/NQT

At Outwood Academy Shafton we are pleased to work in partnership with Outwood Institude of Education, Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Huddersfield for Initial Teacher Training. At present Outwood Academy Shafton has a number of schools direct trainees as well as PGCSE and BSC teacher training trainees.

Our NQT/ITT training programme is robust and supportive to ensure our trainees are given every opportunity to become outstanding practioners. This programme involves co-ordinated opportunities for NQTs and ITT’s, as well as new staff to the academy, to observe outstanding practice across the academy, as well as in depth training sessions that are tailor made for our trainees.

Teaching and Learning

The key focus of DEEP Learning is to develop engaging and exciting lessons throughout the Academy enabling progress for all students.

We have a team of colleagues dedicated to delivering professional development opportunities to all staff ensuring that the teaching practice within the Academy is at the forefront of new teaching initiatives.

Our key areas of development this term include collaborative engagement within the classroom, rewarding our Learning and Progress stars and providing consistent feedback to students.