"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it" Student Voice Quote of the Week

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An Invitation for Year 5/6 Parents
You are welcome to visit our Academy at any time, you need make no appointment, a member of staff will be more than happy to show you around our Academy during the school day.

Year 8 Graduation

Our Year 8 Graduations are one of our flagship events of the year. Excitement is already starting to build among staff and students and we are busy planning to ensure a fantastic experience for all.

Graduation at Outwood Academy Shafton spans across four days, simply so that we can accommodate the huge volume of ticket requests from our students’ families.

The ceremony is a fabulous way for students to transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 and for them to demonstrate their maturity and readiness to begin GCSE courses.

Towards the end of May 2017 students and their families will receive an invitation to the ceremony along with information outlining key dates and times.

This truly is a great opportunity for the Year 8 students; the graduation ceremony is an amazing experience and one to cherish. We strive to celebrate student effort and success and we cannot wait to share our graduation days with you.

Student Voice Leadership Team

Student Voice President: Casey Heeley

In my department of Deep Leadership I will be arranging a meeting with the catering manager to get bigger portions and a wider range of food. I will also be meeting up with the sports manager to try and get the Astro turf open or an activity at lunch time. I feel that having a student voice team in school is very important as it allows student to get there say. Student voice is great to get your views put forward and placed into school.

Vice President of Deep Support: Eve Ford

I am currently the Vice President of the Deep Support area. Furthermore, I am a Year 10 student who actively partakes in many mentoring activities both within and outside of the school. I work alongside Mrs Riley, Mr Atkinson and the whole student voice leadership team. In addition, my role entails many things such as monitoring attendance and exploring various ways of which it can be improved throughout the school. I also look at any additional support we can offer struggling students, I oversee any youth clubs or any after school activities and I investigate a range of ways and ideas that could improve the behaviour of students as well. I am an active member of the anti – bullying ambassador’s team; I am also a peer mentor, a science mentor and a reading mentor as well as being the Vice President of Deep Support. I am very enthusiastic about making the academy even greater than what it already is and I regularly come up with suggestions, improvements and ideas that I feel could not only benefit the academy but more importantly benefit all of the students as well.

Vice President of Deep Learning: Megan Abbott

I believe that our academy is always improving so I chose to be in the Deep Learning team because I want to pitch my ideas to other people to show how much the academy means to the students. I wanted to be in the student voice team because I wanted to show that even though I was young I could still help people benefit from being in education and enjoy it while they are still here. I am on the charity committee because we all have realised how much help everyone needs. In my opinion I love coming to school and I am involved in many groups and teams meaning that I can show the kindness of teachers and what they do to try and help students achieve their best. We also want to show how teachers change the life of students for the better.

Principal's Blog

Friday saw the academy Go Green for Grenfell. Our students, as ever, did us proud wearing their uniforms smartly with green additions and made very generous donations to a whole academy collection to support the families of Grenfell. Our Random Act of Kindness tree turned green for the day with many students writing truly heartfelt messages of love and concern and best wishes for those involved. As always students, your kindness to others shone! Thank you for your generosity and brilliant conduct.

It is one of the busiest weeks of the year at Outwood Academy Shafton. From Monday through to Thursday we hold our annual Graduation events in recognition of the effort and commitment that our Year 8 students have shown to their studies and to academy life. They really are flagship events in the academic year and the support we receive from our families and the community with these events is absolutely brilliant. Also in attendance at each graduation are our new Year 6 students who come to celebrate with graduating alumni for their own schools. The Year 6 spend the day with us as an introduction to the academy and as part of our transition process. On Tuesday evening we also hold an Information Event for Year 6 parents and families.

We cannot wait for Thursday to see our Year 11 promers! It is always a very emotional event. Even more emotional is the chance to see their homecoming at Prom Breakfast the next morning when they are welcomed home to the academy, down the red carpet, by over 1000 students on the balconies of Shafton. For our Year 11 leavers, it is a moment in time to remember forever and they really are an inspiration to all our younger students. I am so excited to share a truly magical prom night with you all.

Year 10 students are already stepping up and taking on the responsibility that goes with being the oldest year group in the Academy. They are starting new courses, attending booster sessions in core subjects and ensuring that current courses are continued to the highest possible standard. It has been an absolute pleasure to see them in lessons this week working hard and learning extremely well.

Look out this week for the pictures of our graduating class of 2016-17 in their caps and gowns and our amazing Year 11 arriving to Prom in their spectacular gowns and suits. It's going to be an incredible week...

Latest News

  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Congratulations to Paige Sanders & Alicia Pemberton who won with "Worry about your character and not your reputation because your character is who you are and your reputation is what people think of you." Well done Paige & Alicia!


  • AR Star!

    Our Accelerated Reader Star is Keira Allen who read 135,693 words last week! Keira has now joined the Millionaires' Club as she has read 1,089,284 words in total. Fantastic effort Keira, well done!


  • Artist of the Week!

    Congratulations to Callum Sellar, Year 10, for his fabulous piece based on icons and portraiture. Well done Callum!


  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Congratulations to Matty Hugill, Year 10, who won our WOW competition with "After the two devastating attacks recently in Manchester and London, we all need to stand together as a nation and show lots of courage." Well done and well said Matty!


  • AR Star!

    Well done to Judy Yip in Year 8, our AR Star of the Week! Judy read 340,602 words in one week giving her a grand total of 895,802 words read. So close to becoming a millionaire Judy!


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