Outwood Academy Shafton is absolutely thrilled to announce that, after our recent Ofsted inspection, the academy has been judged to be "Good" in every category, with Overall Effectiveness also judged to be "Good". This is a huge accolade for the academy and the community it serves and rightly recognises the transformation in outcomes for young people over the 3 years since joining Outwood Grange Academies Trust.

"As a result of the increasingly aspirational culture, pupils are growing in confidence as learners and young people" Ofsted Report February 2018

Changes to Online Payment Processing affecting Tucasi Schools Cash Office

What is happening?
Please be advised that from 30 April 2018 any users of Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista will no longer be able to make payments via the Tucasi Online Payments System (SCOpay). Unfortunately, users of these operating systems may have to upgrade their systems to be able to make online payments from 30 April 2018.

Why is this happening?
This change is being enforced by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). From the 30 June 2018 all websites that accept card payments will no longer allow users of Windows XP and Windows Vista to use their websites. WorldPay are implementing this change on 30 April 2018.

What is the impact?
While you will be able to access Tucasi SCO, view the content and perform many tasks in the normal way, if you attempt to make a payment online you will receive an error message.

Please be aware this is outside of Outwood Academy Shafton’s control. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, however we will be unable to assist with making payments online using Windows XP & Vista following 30 April 2018.

About Us

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An Invitation for Year 5/6 Parents
You are welcome to visit our Academy at any time, you need make no appointment, a member of staff will be more than happy to show you around our Academy during the school day.

Student Well-Being

We are pleased to offer a well-being enrichment programme for students this term; please feel free to pop along and speak to staff members leading the sessions. A great way for you to unwind at the end of the academy day.


Student Voice Leadership Team

As the new academic year starts we welcome our new Student Voice President, Gabby Mann.

Gabby is currently in Year 10 and her campaign focused on developing enrichment opportunities within the Academy and the community. Gabby also is keen to develop a student led ambassador team and healthy eating in school, working alongside her leadership team, VMG Representatives and students.

Joining Gabby on the leadership team are Megan Abbott (Y10), Paige Scaife (Y8) and Sean Connelly (Y8). All three students campaigned alongside Gabby and should be incredibly proud of their achievements. They have been awarded the role of Vice President within the Academy and will develop their position within the Deeps.

The leadership team will also aim to encourage student involvement in Student Voice teams. This will include Peer Mentoring, Charity Committee, Anti Bullying Ambassadors, Teaching and Learning Ambassadors and Reading Mentors.

Gabby would like to thank all students, staff and distinguished guests who were involved in the presidency campaign. She is looking forward to her role as Student Voice President during 2017/18 to ensure all students have the best experience at Outwood Academy Shafton.

A message from our Student Voice President

My name is Gabrielle Mann and I am your Student Voice President. I am in Year 10 and work alongside my Vice Presidents, Megan Abbott (Deep Experience), Sean Connelly (Deep Learning) and Paige Scaife (Deep Support).

I am a hardworking student, a role model to others within the Academy and have always helped others to achieve their potential. I have been a ‘Made in Barnsley’ Ambassador focusing on life skills and future opportunities. My favourite subjects are Maths and Geography. My favourite subjects are Maths and Geography.

I would like to focus my presidency year on Anti Bullying within the Academy, developing the role of Student Ambassadors, healthy eating and enrichment activities.

I am very proud to be your Student Voice President and I am excited to make your voices heard at Outwood Academy Shafton!

Year 11 Prom

Your Passport to Prom

#DoWell #AttendToAchieve

The prom is always an exciting event to celebrate the time you have spent at Outwood Academy Shafton. It will be a night to remember and we would love to see every Year 11 student there. To receive your prom invite you need to:

  • Attend 12 after school Monday maths sessions
  • Attend 12 after school English sessions
  • Attend 12 after school science sessions
  • Attend 7 other after school sessions
  • Complete 4 science Question a Days
  • Complete 3 maths holiday packs (its still not too late to complete the one from over Christmas)
  • Attend 3 holiday/weekend intervention sessions
  • Have at least 7 Pledges signed off
  • Attendance (from 8th January) 95% or over

Anti Bullying Week

During Anti Bullying week 2017 our students took part in a variety of activities during assembly and VMG time reminding them what bullying is, how to report bullying and where to seek extra support and advice both in our academy and outside. Along with staff, student wore blue ribbons to show their collective support against bullying. They also amazed us with their insightful and thoughtful comments on our anti bullying wall, which sits in our atrium as a reminder of our commitment to this. Next term our anti bullying ambassadors will be working to find new ways to provide peer support to students who need it and also raise funds so that further work can be undertaken.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze award is being completed by 42 students this year. This involves them completing a Volunteering, Skills and Physical section which range from helping out in after-Academy clubs, peer mentoring, cooking and many more activities. Their expedition will be completed in Spring/Summer 2018, when they will take part in a practise and qualifying expedition to complete their awards!

Our next cohort are being recruited before Christmas to continue the award with future year groups. Watch this space!

The Big Bang Fair

Students from Outwood Academy Shafton have been working hard all year in Science club, and many have been awarded Discovery CREST awards from the British Science Association for their project work so far. These students were then given the opportunity to complete independent projects to work towards a Bronze-level award, a well regarded, high quality and tangible recognition of success. After visiting the Big Bang Fair in March this year (a fair designed to inspire students and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers), the Science Club decided to take students to the Big Bang Near Me Fair with these projects to give them the experience of showcasing their work. Five projects in total were entered by Outwood Academy Shafton and different awards were available to the students depending on the area of their research.

During the non-presenting sections of the day our students got hands on with all the activities, such as virtual welding, flight simulations, laser engraving, and handling snakes and tarantulas! Lewis Evans-Blakelock, Year 8, won an Engine Build Challenge and received a certificate for assembling a Rolls Royce turbofan engine!

Thousands of people visited the Big Bang Near Me event and our students presented their work throughout the whole day to students from Primary and Secondary schools from the Yorkshire and Humber region. They were also formally judged by a panel for a variety of awards such as the best projects for the various disciplines. They were judged against all sizes of groups and all years, including 6th form students.

Thomas Smith, Year 7, presented his work “Which type of milk should we send to third world countries for aid?”. Jonah Rose, Year 7, presented “Can we extinguish a house fire with ice cream?”.

Charlie Steeples’, Year 7, project “Making energy clean and sustainable” won the Best Science Project Award against all other competitors.

Oliver Copeland’s, Year 7, very impressive presentation of “Can kindness increase recall?” won him the Ace Communicator Award.

The team behind “Is sugar addictive?” Jack Alexander, Bradley Green, both Year 7, and Blake Mawson-Burren, Year 8, won themselves the Best Teamwork Award. Two of our students even managed to progress to the national finals to represent the Yorkshire and Humber region at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair in March 2018 at the Birmingham NEC, and will be showcasing their work at the same event that we attended as visitors this year!

The students who presented and those that supported on the day should be incredibly proud of their outstanding achievements, as we most definitely are! An absolute credit to their families and to our Academy.

Principal's Blog

I cannot believe how fast time flies! It seems like no time ago at all that we were welcoming a new Year 11 cohort and talking with excitement about the possibilities for this brilliant group of young people. The big exams start this coming week and I am able to say, with complete conviction, that these young people have exceeded all our expectations. The demands placed on them are so high and they face every challenge with incredible resilience and optimism. We never wish our student "Good Luck" believing, rather, that the harder you work the luckier you get. Instead, we wish them "Do Well" because all we can ask is that they prepare well and try their very best. Our Mindfulness programme has been a real success for these Y11 students in supporting them to look after their well-being. Additionally, during the exam period we offer a bespoke masterclass timetable and we open the library until 6 each evening to give students a quiet space to revise. On the morning of each exam, subject teachers will serve a special Y11 breakfast in the dance studio. Do Well guys and do yourselves proud!

In other exciting news, you may have seen on social media channels that one of teachers, Miss Charlotte Grace, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious annual Pearson Teaching Awards. Miss Grace has been shortlisted in the category of Outstanding New Teacher of the Year. I am not at all surprised to hear this given what an inspiration this young colleague is to our students. Furthermore, her recognisable impact around the academy for our students has been the feature of many of my previous blogs: Big Bang Science success, Duke of Edinburgh, our award-winning STEM programme and Pledges to name but a few. We are so excited to welcome the judging team from Pearson to our academy later this month.

I managed to get along to watch some of our students taking part in Barnsley Schools' athletics at the Dorothy Hyman stadium over the last two weeks. We are so lucky to have this brilliant track and facility so close to the academy. It is always a delight to see our students performing against other local schools and there have been some brilliant individual and team performances. We are working to some aspirational targets to get our students performance-ready for the Outwood Games, an elite cross-Trust event.

I would like to finish this week's blog with a special mention to Miss Wragg and our BTEC Level 2 musicians for two spectacular weeks of performance as part of the annual showcase. You could not fail to be impressed by the progress these students have made over the last two years with each performing a vocal or instrumental piece. As ever, we had a wonderful turn-out from the community to celebrate the students' success. Students, your determination and confidence has left a lasting impression. More students than ever before receive private music tuition through the academy. A letter will go out in September detailing next year's programme.

Wishing all of exam students a massive, massive "Do Well"! You are ready!


Latest News

  • AR Star!

    After achieving 100% on three quizzes, Year 8 student Blake Clubley is our new Accelerated Reader Star of the Week. Well done Blake!


  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Congratulations to Y9 student, Judy Yip, who is our latest Word of the Week winner with the following sentence, 'When you're younger, you need other people to guide you but as you grow older, you need to become the guide for others.' Well done Judy!


  • Accelerated Reader Star!

    Congratulations to Y8 student Colm Trace who is our new AR Star of the Week. Colm has reached almost half a million words and we are sure that with the kind of books he reads, it won't be long before he is our latest millionaire. Well done Colm!


  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Year 7 student Dylan Gallagher won last week's WoW Competition with the following sentence: 'The purpose of school is to prepare you with the knowledge and life skills you need to succeed in life.' Well done Dylan!


  • Artist of the Week!

    Our Artist of the Week is Year 9 student Ricky Greenwood. Ricky's piece of work is themed on Chinese traditions. A really great piece of art Ricky, well done!


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