"Everything that you are learning is preparing you for something else" Student Voice Quote of the Week

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An Invitation for Year 5/6 Parents
You are welcome to visit our Academy at any time, you need make no appointment, a member of staff will be more than happy to show you around our Academy during the school day.

The Big Bang Fair

Students from Outwood Academy Shafton have been working hard all year in Science club, and many have been awarded Discovery CREST awards from the British Science Association for their project work so far. These students were then given the opportunity to complete independent projects to work towards a Bronze-level award, a well regarded, high quality and tangible recognition of success. After visiting the Big Bang Fair in March this year (a fair designed to inspire students and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers), the Science Club decided to take students to the Big Bang Near Me Fair with these projects to give them the experience of showcasing their work. Five projects in total were entered by Outwood Academy Shafton and different awards were available to the students depending on the area of their research.

During the non-presenting sections of the day our students got hands on with all the activities, such as virtual welding, flight simulations, laser engraving, and handling snakes and tarantulas! Lewis Evans-Blakelock, Year 8, won an Engine Build Challenge and received a certificate for assembling a Rolls Royce turbofan engine!

Thousands of people visited the Big Bang Near Me event and our students presented their work throughout the whole day to students from Primary and Secondary schools from the Yorkshire and Humber region. They were also formally judged by a panel for a variety of awards such as the best projects for the various disciplines. They were judged against all sizes of groups and all years, including 6th form students.

Thomas Smith, Year 7, presented his work “Which type of milk should we send to third world countries for aid?”. Jonah Rose, Year 7, presented “Can we extinguish a house fire with ice cream?”.

Charlie Steeples’, Year 7, project “Making energy clean and sustainable” won the Best Science Project Award against all other competitors.

Oliver Copeland’s, Year 7, very impressive presentation of “Can kindness increase recall?” won him the Ace Communicator Award.

The team behind “Is sugar addictive?” Jack Alexander, Bradley Green, both Year 7, and Blake Mawson-Burren, Year 8, won themselves the Best Teamwork Award. Two of our students even managed to progress to the national finals to represent the Yorkshire and Humber region at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair in March 2018 at the Birmingham NEC, and will be showcasing their work at the same event that we attended as visitors this year!

The students who presented and those that supported on the day should be incredibly proud of their outstanding achievements, as we most definitely are! An absolute credit to their families and to our Academy.

Student Voice Leadership Team

Student Voice President: Casey Heeley

In my department of Deep Leadership I will be arranging a meeting with the catering manager to get bigger portions and a wider range of food. I will also be meeting up with the sports manager to try and get the Astro turf open or an activity at lunch time. I feel that having a student voice team in school is very important as it allows student to get there say. Student voice is great to get your views put forward and placed into school.

Vice President of Deep Support: Eve Ford

I am currently the Vice President of the Deep Support area. Furthermore, I am a Year 10 student who actively partakes in many mentoring activities both within and outside of the school. I work alongside Mrs Riley, Mr Atkinson and the whole student voice leadership team. In addition, my role entails many things such as monitoring attendance and exploring various ways of which it can be improved throughout the school. I also look at any additional support we can offer struggling students, I oversee any youth clubs or any after school activities and I investigate a range of ways and ideas that could improve the behaviour of students as well. I am an active member of the anti – bullying ambassador’s team; I am also a peer mentor, a science mentor and a reading mentor as well as being the Vice President of Deep Support. I am very enthusiastic about making the academy even greater than what it already is and I regularly come up with suggestions, improvements and ideas that I feel could not only benefit the academy but more importantly benefit all of the students as well.

Vice President of Deep Learning: Megan Abbott

I believe that our academy is always improving so I chose to be in the Deep Learning team because I want to pitch my ideas to other people to show how much the academy means to the students. I wanted to be in the student voice team because I wanted to show that even though I was young I could still help people benefit from being in education and enjoy it while they are still here. I am on the charity committee because we all have realised how much help everyone needs. In my opinion I love coming to school and I am involved in many groups and teams meaning that I can show the kindness of teachers and what they do to try and help students achieve their best. We also want to show how teachers change the life of students for the better.

Principal's Blog

This week's Principal's Blog is a special guest blog from Mrs Kathryn Senior, our Vice Principal Deep Learning. Across our Trust we have launched a brand new Feedback and Assessment policy which will revolutionise how students are involved in a feedback dialogue allowing them to constantly improve their learning. In her guest blog, Mrs Senior gives some details about the new policy. This week at the Academy, students have attended continent assemblies to introduce them to the expectations for Assessment and Feedback at the academy and to explain their central role.

This week during assemblies I spoke to students about the importance of reflection. I asked the questions: “How good are you?” and “What do you need to do to get better?”

Every single one of us is good at some things, but no one is perfect and in order to get better, we need to know how to improve. As teachers, our purpose is to enable our students to get better at things they cannot YET do.

A new Feedback and Assessment Policy has been launched at Outwood Academy Shafton with the sole purpose of accelerating learning and progress of all students. I spoke to students about how self reflection is a major part of improving ourselves. To quote John Dewey “We do not learn from experience…. We learn from reflecting on experience”. As part of the new policy, teachers are expected to provide regular effective feedback that enables students to recognise what they can do, what they can’t yet do and how they must improve. A lot of feedback occurs naturally within lessons with teachers spotting and correcting any misconceptions during the lessons. Students are then able to correct and improve their work immediately in order to move on in their learning. Outside of the lessons teachers spend a lot of time reading written work and giving written feedback so that students know what they can do and how they can improve. Students are expected to respond to this feedback and will be given dedicated “Student Response Time” within lessons to do so. We are also promoting an “Excellent Editing Ethic” across the Academy – please look out for “E” on your child’s work to acknowledge their commitment to learning and improving! We also expect students to reflect on their work before it is marked by their teacher, much like we would assess our own appearance in a mirror before we ask for anyone else’s opinion! Again, students will be reminded to do this by the use of Student Response Time within lessons. PROUD will still be seen in the marking of exercise books, as will the codes for accuracy in written work.

We have high expectations of both staff and students to ensure that the feedback given results in a positive impact on students’ learning. With outstanding teaching and outstanding engagement, the sky is the limit for our students!

Mrs Senior
Vice Principal

Latest News

  • Year 11 Information Evening

    Y11 students & their families are invited to an Information Evening on Tues 26 September, 5 - 7pm. We will be serving fish & chips, as we know many of you will be missing tea! Followed by an information session from Mrs Ackroyd and others.


  • Artist of the Week!

    Congratulations to Connor Rouse, Year 10, our Artist of the Week; Connor's vibrant piece is based on traditions. Well done Connor!


  • AR Star!

    Our new AR Star is Lewis Evans-Blakelock. Last week Lewis read 99,364 words giving him a new total of 361,907; well done Lewis!


  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Congratulations to Tilly Butterworth (Y7) who won last week's competition with: "Eid-ul-fitr is a celebration at the end of the month of Ramadhan; Miss Parveen celebrated this on Monday with family and friends." Well done Tilly!


  • Word of the Week Winner!

    Congratulations to Paige Sanders & Alicia Pemberton who won with "Worry about your character and not your reputation because your character is who you are and your reputation is what people think of you." Well done Paige & Alicia!


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Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with poor behaviour. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. By sharing your views, you’ll be helping your child’s school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about your child’s school.