About the Academy

Chief Executive: Mr Martyn Oliver
Chief Executive Principal, Secondary: Mrs Julie Slater
Academy Principal: Mrs Cara Ackroyd
Age: 11-16

Outwood Academy Shafton, formerly Shafton Advanced Learning Centre, converted to Academy status in March 2015, sponsored by Outwood Grange Academies Trust. The Trust currently sponsors a number of secondary and primary schools in the region. Outwood Grange Academy has been a National Teaching school for many years and has been accredited as one of the country’s first Teaching Schools.

Our Mission is to continue to put students at the centre of everything we do, to give them the best life chances and to make learning an exciting and enjoyable lifelong experience. We want to give every young person at Shafton a first class education in their local community. The aim of all at Outwood Academy Shafton is to provide our Students with the knowledge, skills and understanding that they will need in order for them to realise their ambitions, pursue their chosen career pathways and to make valuable contributions to society.

We aim to:

  • Provide students and staff with a learning community which is safe and secure.
  • Provide students and staff with a learning community that encourages a healthy approach and lifestyle
  • Provide students with a learning environment which encourages them to pursue career pathways that will ensure they are self supporting citizens of the future
  • Provide students with a learning environment that inspires, motivates and gives all students access to a curriculum, both academic and through personal development, which
    allows them to achieve to their potential. Above all provide a learning experience that is enjoyed by all.
  • Provide students with personal development opportunities which encourage good citizenship through an understanding of the contribution each of us can make to our
    communities, local, national and global.

We are committed to providing high standards of education for students. Our innovative vertical curriculum centred on a 2-year Key Stage 3 and a 3-year Key Stage 4 personalises the learning of all students.