Outwood Academy Shafton is absolutely thrilled to announce that, after our recent Ofsted inspection, the academy has been judged to be "Good" in every category, with Overall Effectiveness also judged to be "Good". This is a huge accolade for the academy and the community it serves and rightly recognises the transformation in outcomes for young people over the 3 years since joining Outwood Grange Academies Trust.

"As a result of the increasingly aspirational culture, pupils are growing in confidence as learners and young people" Ofsted Report February 2018


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An Invitation for Year 5/6 Parents
You are welcome to visit our Academy at any time, you need make no appointment, a member of staff will be more than happy to show you around our Academy during the school day.

Student Voice

Our Student Voice President for 2019/20 is Hollie Geeson. Hollie is currently in Year 10 and is already demonstrating the qualities of a being a fantastic role model to other students. She worked hard to campaign for student votes with her team and is keen to show students how passionate she is about the role.

‘I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me. I am very appreciative of all your support throughout the campaign process. I am confident I can make a positive impact within the Academy for students and staff. I can’t wait to start working on the key aims of my campaign which included Barnsley Outwood varsity and tackling climate change related problems.’

Hollie will work closely with other student voice groups including the Charity Committee, VMG Representatives and her Vice Presidents, Isabelle Atkin, Sean Connelly, Chloe Emery and Dylan Summers. All five students form the Student Voice Leadership team and their roles are focused in each one of the Deeps. Hollie is working with the Deep Leadership team, Chloe is working within Deep Support whilst Sean and Dylan are working within the Deep Experience team. We are very excited to see them progress in their roles.

For 2019/20 Student Voice has a number of groups that encourage students to become involved within the Academy:

  • VMG Representatives
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Charity Committee
  • Y7/8 Ambassadors
  • Events team
  • Eco Warriors
  • Reading Mentors
  • Teaching and Learning Ambassadors

Each term the SV Leadership team will meet with VMG Representatives to ensure students feel their voice is heard within the Academy. We are keen to develop links with our community through our Charity Committee. So far this academic year we have already raised a total of over £500 for a variety of local and national charities. We are also keen to increase the number of students involved in all SV groups and their impact within the Academy. The Eco Warriors, in particular, are keen to raise awareness of looking after our environment and making Academy more sustainable.

So far this year we have record numbers of students involved in Student Voice and we are excited for what we have planned in the coming year!

Parent Voice

We had a brilliant day with our Parent Voice this half term. Members were invited into the academy for the morning to look at how the academy functions on a daily basis.

Members of Parent Voice joined SLT and Learning Manager colleagues on the door for our daily meet and greet with students.

Parent Voice then went on to complete learning walks; a brilliant opportunity to see teaching and learning in action. Members visited English and Maths lessons and had an opportunity to look at the different learning structures that we use in lessons to engage and challenge students. A visit to our Learning Resource Centre followed and parents sat the test we do with all of our students to ensure that they are reading at appropriate levels. Finally members attended an assembly and looked at how we manage our student body at break and lunch times.

We had some brilliant feedback from parents which is shared below:

The walk round we did first with Mr Peel was very interesting, the children were all exceptionally well behaved and we saw one instance where a child was laughing at something being read out, the teacher in question dealt with this brilliantly, he questioned the boy on why he thought it was funny rather than punishing him. I was also impressed with the children moving between lessons, I was stood beside Mrs Ackroyd and she spoke to a few children, she knew their names and commented on someones new fringe, I wouldn’t have expected the Head of such a large school to know the children so well. I went to a large school and the Head never interacted with the pupils.

I found it a very valuable experience, it gave me so much reassurance to be able to go into the classrooms and see the quality of teaching and also the high standards of behaviour. I particularly loved to see the way that staff including the Principal were out and about interacting with the students in between lessons as the children were moving around school.

I really enjoyed immersion day and it opened my eyes to a lot of what’s happening in reference to daily school operations so I can better support my children socially and academically.

Recommended Reading for Year 7 and Year 8 Students

The reading list below is for students in Year 7 and Year 8 and is tailored to content that they will potentially cover across a range of subject over the summer term. Reading these recommended books will also help students to further develop their literacy skills and give them a deeper knowledge and understanding of their subjects.

Future First: Shafton Alumni


Are you a past student of Outwood Academy Shafton, or did you attend Shafton ALC, Willowgarth or Priory School & Sports College? We would love to hear what you are up to. We are in the process of setting up a student alumni. Please get the message out and share our link to build our growing family. We can keep you up to date of any reunions and events you may be interested in. It’s always fantastic to hear the successes of our past students and provide you with the opportunity to come back and inspire our current students. Please click on Future First

Remember, spread the word!

Letters to Parents

Principal's Blog

Welcome to a brand new school year! And this school year we have welcomed our biggest ever Year 7 cohort with 300 fabulous students joining us from right across the borough and beyond. Our "Good" Ofsted rating in every category, coupled with a year on year improvement in examination results, means that we are now oversubscribed in Year 7 and 8 with places now only available on a waiting list basis. There has been a brilliant "hustle and bustle" on our corridors and atriums as the new Year 7 students settle in to their new learning environment. It is such an exciting time for them! This year we have launched our first ever ACE programme (Academy Conduct and Expectations), the programme is a bespoke suite of lessons aimed at ensuring students are clear on our expectations right from the start of their time with us. And for students who need additional help to reach those expectations, further personalised intervention is also available as part of the programme. To date, this has been a huge success. Year 7 have impressed their teachers and their fabulous Learning Manager, Mrs Sellars, with their commitment to their studies and an obvious desire to learn and progress. This week we will celebrate the ACE programme in a special assembly. A few, very select, students have also been invited to attend our Friday Aspire Lounge because of the absolutely brilliant first impression they have made. Awesome!

2018-19 saw record examinations results once again for Outwood Academy Shafton with more than 60% of students leaving with both Maths and English at Grade 4 and above. More students than ever before also achieved Grade 5 and above in these subjects. There were successes to celebrate right across the curriculum with Media, Music, Performing Arts, Engineering, Art and Photography all performing outstandingly. Students in these subjects, on average, achieve at least one full grade above students nationally which is testament to the exceptional learning that takes place in these departments. No less than 15% (approximately 30 students) left with at least 3 grades at 7 and above and there were some incredible individual stand-out performances with students achieving the elusive Grade 9s in English and the Sciences. The torch now passes to the new Year 11 cohort, already showing the resilience and determination to succeed at the highest levels. This is a year group that will no doubt see results rise again for our community.

2019-20 is a very special year right across Outwood Grange Academies Trust as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a Trust. I am very proud to say that I have worked for OGAT for every day of those 10 years. I feel privileged to have seen communities, like Outwood Academy Shafton, transformed into places where students can grow and learn as individuals and citizens of the future. The year will be celebrated with a special programme of events which I hope to share with you shortly.

If you have yet to read our brilliant academy Outlook magazine then please visit our website to view our summer term edition. This year we have plans afoot to celebrate, in a one-off special edition, the brilliant achievements of some of our students and families in the things they do outside of the academy. From World Champions to future pilots. You are going to be blown away!

Our annual Open Evening will take place on Tuesday 8th October. We welcome parents from as young as Year 4 and 5 to come along and find out about what we do. Of course, with secondary school applications due shortly, we know that there will be lots of Year 6 families in attendance too. We are proud of our "open door" policy which supports this process. Please turn up anytime of the day to see us in action. A member of staff will be pleased to show you around- no appointment needed.

Finally, it will come as no surprise that this year we have a huge focus on attendance to school. All of the data and evidence shows that if you have attendance at 95% and above, you achieve. To get the whole academy to this target, we will need the support of every family and every student. Secondary Headteachers in Barnsley have agreed that we will never authorise term-time holidays and we would ask that medical appointments etc are kept out of academy hours wherever possible. If your child has an appointment we would request that they attend school before and after the appointment to keep their own attendance up. When it comes to learning, every single minute matters.

With my thanks,

Mrs Ackroyd

Outlook Magazine

Latest News

  • AR Star!

    With over 19,000 words read, and 4 quizzes passed, Nikey is our latest AR Star! So wonderful to see students reading for pleasure during social times!


  • Armistice Day

    We have been blown away by the care and attention to detail shown by students, during VMG, in creating beautiful poppy wreaths in preparation for our Remembrance Service on Monday 11 November, please contact Reception if you wish to attend.


  • Student Voice

    Student Voice has been on fire at our academy this week! Break-time peer mentoring, students busy preparing for presidency campaigns and preparation for Remembrance Day! Absolute superstars!!


  • History Artefacts!

    Mrs Slater and Mrs Ackroyd just loves the real life artefacts brought in for history. Beautiful memories from home like first baby shoes and hospital ID bracelets. Thank you families! #memories #mychronology


  • Barnsley College Open Evening

    Barnsley College are hosting an Open Evening on Wednesday 16 October, 4 - 7pm. A great opportunity for Y11 students to visit and look at what is available to them Post 16.


Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with poor behaviour. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. By sharing your views, you’ll be helping your child’s school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about your child’s school.