Enrichment and Extended Learning

To complement our students’ academic study, we provide a wealth of support, guidance and engagement opportunities that enrich our students’ educational experience and support their learning. It is not always possible to find a quiet area at home to complete work and therefore extended learning is not simply viewed as an out of school activity but rather as any activity that broadens our students’ experience, knowledge and understanding.

We provide a wide range of extended learning opportunities including access to on-line learning programmes and homework to enable students to extend and complement their learning both at home and in school. To extend our students experience we provide a programme of trips, visits, events, commemorations and charity work.

Our academy operates student engagement programmes including an excellent programme of elective after school enrichment activities. Students are encouraged to engage in programmes such as Student Voice, Pledges, Sustainability or become Anti-bullying and Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors etc. There is a wealth of sporting, performance and academic activities engaging local, Trust and national competitions. Students’ efforts and participation both in and outside of school is validated and acknowledged and coming soon this will be achieved through the development of our comprehensive Outwood Honours Programme (for implementation 2021).

Covid-19 Recovery Adaptation

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we will temporarily cease events that require mass gatherings and involve nonessential trips and visits etc. We will continue to extend our students’ learning in new and different ways. Initially we may operate a reduced after school enrichment programme. Throughout lockdown we all developed new ways to engage our students and community and we will continue this work to enrich our students’ experience.