Student Voice

First and foremost, we are a community and as such we believe all members of our community have equal value and worth. We encourage our students to contribute actively in shaping the educational experience they and their fellow students receive. Any student in any classroom in any year, has a voice that should be heard in our academy.

Student Voice is structured to reflect the British constitutional system and promote the fundamental British values of law, democracy and liberty. Every year all students engage in a democratic election process to elect a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime minister.

Each tutor group is represented by a cabinet member in Student Voice. Student Voice cabinets act as satellite groups, each responsible for developing whole school initiatives be it sustainability, charity, creative arts, anti-bullying and mental wellbeing ambassadors etc. Student Voice is supervised by a member of staff and led by their student Prime Minister supported by their Deputy Prime Minister and cabinet leads. Student Voice meets regularly and invites the Principal to attend.

Students remain at the heart of our Trust and Student Voice sits at the heart of our academy. Through student voice roles, young people take a part in the ongoing improvements in their school be it environmental, charitable or focused on their learning.