Information Relating to Qualifications - Summer 2021

Thu 18 Mar 2021
16 March 2021
Dear Parents/Carers
Information Relating to Qualifications - Summer 2021
It is fabulous to have our students back in school with us, they have settled very quickly and have shown excellent attitudes to their learning. I am sure they are also happy to be back with their friends.
As you will have seen in the press, this year teachers will submit Teacher Assessed Grades to the awarding bodies rather than students sitting formal exams. To do this, we will use a range of evidence for each student. We will continue to assess your child’s ability in every subject prior to submitting grades to the awarding bodies. 
Staff across our academy are well placed to do this due to the Praising Stars system we use, where teachers utilise their professional experience to predict the final grades they expect students to achieve at the end of the course.
We will continue to share Praising Stars predictions with you each half term, as is the norm. This information will be used to support and motivate students to achieve the best grade they are capable of, and to enable them to plan for their future destinations. The Teacher Assessed Grades may not be identical to Praising Stars predictions and, additionally, schools could be subject to moderation from the awarding bodies which could result in changes to the Teacher Assessed Grades. Schools are not permitted to share the Teacher Assessed Grades they submit to the awarding bodies with students or parents/carers.
Over the next few months, teachers will collate all the evidence needed to justify the final grades they will submit in June. To ensure this is as accurate as possible, we require each student to commit fully to every assessment activity and attempt them with the same focus and determination they would in a final exam. Please encourage your child to engage fully with the range of assessments teachers will set. It is important you ensure your child’s attendance and engagement are at the highest levels so that they do not miss assessments. The academy will support any students who experience COVID related absence such as self-isolation.
It is important that we continue to work together to enable your child to achieve the best possible outcomes. Should you require any additional support or advice, please contact us via your child’s Learning Manager or the ‘Contact Us’ button on the school website. For your information, we are including a timeline of important dates relating to Teacher Assessed Grades.
As always, thank you for your continued support. 
Yours faithfully
Alison McQueen