Y10 Science Assessment

Fri 21 May 2021
21 May 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,
RE Year 10 Science Assessments
As your child is nearing the end of Year 10, the Science department is looking to assess the progress that your child has made in this academic year, in order to enable us to plan how to support your child best when they enter Year 11.  This letter is to inform you that your child will be completing 3 assessments in Science the week after May half term (W/C 7 June 2021). Each of these assessments will be 50 minutes long and will be assessing content from a mixture of topics that they will have covered in Year 9 and Year 10.  It is important that your child prepares effectively for these.  Please see the list of topics covered so far below.  
  • Biology: B1 (Cell biology), B2 (organisation), B3 (infection and response), B4 (Bioenergetics), B5 (homeostasis and response)

  • Chemistry: C1 (Atomic structure and the periodic table), C2 (Bonding, structure and the properties of matter), C3 (Quantitative Chemistry), C4 (Chemical changes), C8 (Purity, formulations and Chromatography), C9 (Chemistry of the environment).

  • Physics: P1 (Energy), P2 (Electricity), P3 (Particle Model), P4 (atomic structure), P5 (Forces)*, P6 (waves)
* Your child will have started the forces topic in Year 9, the assessment will be based on this Year 9 work.  They will finish the rest of the Forces topic after these assessments. 
To support your child with their revision, we have an Outwood Science website; https://science.outwood.com/ which has links to many revision platforms; for example, it contains links to YouTube playlists, revision websites and also has a wealth of revision resources embedded into the site such as practice questions or printable flashcards to name a few. We will also be placing some revision material on your child’s google classroom to support them with their revision. 
Thank you for your support, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at t.myers@shafton.outwood.com
Yours sincerely,