September Re-Opening Plans: Information for Families

Mon 12 Jul 2021
12 July 2021
Dear Parent / Carer, 
I am writing to remind you that the academy closes for the summer holidays at the normal time of 2.30pm on Friday 16 July.  
When we return in September, the arrangements for the start of the new term are as follows:
  • Wednesday 1 September:  Closed to students - Staff INSET Day 
  • Thursday 2 September: Closed to students - Staff INSET Day 

  • Monday 6 September
Y7 & Y11 in school from 8.25 - Form time until 11.00am and then normal lessons.
Assembly for both separate year groups scheduled in the morning.
  • Tuesday 7 September
Y7, Y11 & Y8 in school - Form time until 9.45 am and then normal lessons.
Assembly for Y8.
  • Wednesday 8 September
Y7, Y11, Y8 & Y9 in school - Form time until 9.45 am and then normal lessons.
Assembly for Y9.
  • Thursday 9 September
Y7, Y11, Y8, Y9 and Y10 in school - Form time until 9.45 am and then normal lessons.
  • Friday 10 September 
All students in school, lessons as normal.
Please watch our September 2021 presentation (click on the link in the letter), preferably with your child. This may help to answer any questions that you may have about the new academic year.

This year has seen some students infringing our dress code by wearing false eyelashes/extensions, false nails and brightly coloured hair. None of these items are allowed as part of our uniform policy and I would ask that you support us with this. You can access our uniform information at
No piercings at all are allowed, including the clear plastic retainers. 
Sometimes students tell us that they cannot remove gel nails or false eyelashes, or take out a piercing because it will heal up. These are not acceptable reasons as we have repeatedly made our position very clear: these items cannot be worn in school. I would suggest that any student intending to have a piercing, does so at the very start of the summer holiday, so that the piercing is established by the time that we return in September, meaning that it will not heal up for some weeks. 
Students who are unable or unwilling to remove these items will be isolated from their peers and potentially even suspended from school. 
I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of our uniform and equipment requirements: 

  • Most items of uniform (and PE kit) must be purchased through our official supplier Trutex,  using the code: LEA00655SC. Please make sure that you order this in enough time for the start of term. 
  • Skirts must be purchased from Trutex with the OGAT logo. Alternative skirts such as pencil skirts, cannot be worn. Skirts must not be rolled over at the waistband.
  • Shoes should be plain black – shoes with gold or silver buckles or trims are not allowed and neither are boots, pumps, trainers, jelly or canvas shoes. 
  • Socks should be plain black
  • Jumpers are optional but if worn, must be the black Academy V neck jumper purchased through Trutex
  • Students must bring a suitable bag with them every day
  • Basic equipment such as a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber should be brought every day
I would appreciate your support with ensuring that students are fully equipped and in correct uniform for September, I hope that the timing of this letter will allow you to plan accordingly over the summer break. 

If you have any further questions, the easiest way to contact us is via the academy website, using the 'Contact Us' button.

I am very thankful for the support that you continue to give to the academy and I am looking forward to our continued partnership in the new academic year.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and happy summer break. 
Yours faithfully, 

Alison McQueen