Amber Weather Alert: Monday 18 July 2022

Fri 15 Jul 2022
15 July 2022
Dear Parents and Carers, 
Monday 18 July 2022: Amber Weather Alert           
The weather forecast for Monday 18 July is suggesting that there will be temperatures in excess of 30 degrees in the shade and an amber weather warning of extreme heat has been issued. 
We recognise that these are exceptional circumstances and we want to support students in dealing with this.
Should students wish to wear their school uniform, they are welcome to do so, students do not need to wear their blazer or tie. Alternatively, should students wish to do so, they can wear their Outwood PE kit, that is academy shorts and academy PE top, no other variations will be permitted. Students will still need to bring their bag and relevant equipment.
Please send your child with a refillable water bottle, students can refill bottles throughout the day. Should students wish to do so, they may bring a cap or hat to wear outside but this will not be permitted to be worn in the academy.
We will be doing all that we can to ensure that the temperature in the academy remains reasonable.
Yours sincerely, 
Alison McQueen