Letter to Parents and Carers: Interruptions to Learning

Tue 08 Nov 2022
8 November 2022
Dear Parents and Carers,
I recognise that it is important to the academy, students and their families that we maintain good standards in our classrooms. To this end, I am asking you for your support. 
We have a number of students who regularly leave lessons to use the toilet rather than using these facilities at break time, lunch and lesson changeover. As you can appreciate, this causes constant disruption to the whole class and disrupts the flow of learning for students.
We know that some students have genuine medical needs and always support them but for some other students we are concerned about the amount of curriculum time they are missing which will ultimately impact not only on their learning and progress but on the learning and progress of their peers.  From this week we are asking staff to monitor when students frequently ask to leave lessons and we are communicating this with parents and carers to gain their support in preventing this missed learning.
We always ask students to try to visit the toilet and get drinks in between lessons, breaks and lunches to minimise any loss of learning and we ask for your support with these conversations. Ultimately missing lessons without a valid reason results in our students, your children, falling behind in their learning and, as a community, we want to ensure that our students maximise every minute of education that they have available to them.
We have a great opportunity to work together with our young people in getting these small things right so that we can focus on the big things; celebrating student success. 
Many thanks for your continued support.
Yours faithfully, 

Alison McQueen