Letter to Y11 Parents: Geography GCSE

Thu 14 Mar 2024
Dear Parent/Carer 

As we come to the end of a successful mock exam period for Geography students, I am really proud to say that we have seen great commitment from the majority of our Geography students, in the last few weeks, to prepare for their mock exams.  This has resulted in many students achieving, and in some cases, exceeding their target grades.  Thank you for the support you have given to make this possible.

To continue this period of success and ensure that final outcomes are achieved for all students, I am writing to tell you about a number of additional interventions that we intend to implement over the coming weeks to support your child with their Geography GCSE.

Personalised Online Intervention Sessions
This week we will begin a weekly series of personalised support sessions on an evening to target specific areas of the mock exam that your son/daughter may not have performed well in.  This week's session will be led by Mr Turfrey at 6pm on Thursday 14th March.  Students can join via the ‘Geography Support’ google classroom.  The topic this week will be ‘Tectonic plates and the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes (from 6 - 6:20pm) and ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ (from 6:20 - 6:40pm).  If this was an area of weakness for your son/daughter you will receive a text message in advance.  The hope is that students will attend for the part of each session that they require.  Recordings will be made available for any who are unable to attend.  

Homework Tasks
Students this week will be given a ‘Geography 60 Day Challenge’ homework.  This has a short task to complete each day in the lead up to their first exam on the 17th May.  I would appreciate any encouragement you can give to ensure this is completed.  

In addition, we will provide individualised homework tasks over the next few weeks that focus on specific areas of the exam where your son/daughter may have struggled.  This is in conjunction with the online intervention sessions and will help to embed their knowledge.

121 Intervention Sessions
A small group of students, who have completed their Health and Social Studies course, will be given the opportunity to receive small group intervention from an external provider on Friday afternoons.  You will receive a text message if your son/daughter has been chosen for this intervention.  This will focus on building their knowledge and confidence before the final exams begin.

Lunch and Friday Enrichment
I  will continue to run two lunchtime sessions each week to support students with exam practice and these sessions will be based around feedback on the mock exams that were completed recently.  There has been proven success from students who have been attending this already.  The sessions are held in room 3.18 on Tuesday and Friday lunchtime.  Please tell your son or daughter to speak to me (Mrs Cadman) if they would like to join this session for the next few weeks.

In addition we will continue to run our Friday enrichment after school.  This again will focus on feedback from the mock exam to help our students target areas of weakness.  

Thank you in advance for your continued support.  I believe that working together is key to ensure successful outcomes for our students in their final exams.

Finally, please see key dates below for our exams:

  • Paper 1 - 17 May 
  • Paper 2 - 5 June
  • Paper 3 - 14 June 

For general revision students can access a wide range of resources by logging into geography.outwood.com with their school login details.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email at j.cadman@shafton.outwood.com.  

Yours sincerely 
Jayne Cadman 
Head of Geography